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About Dr. Pan (CEO, Gravitechthai)

I went to study in the US when I was 15 after I graduated from Assumption College Bangrak. Right after I got my degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Nevada Reno, GE (General Electric) offered me a job opportunity and a PhD scholarship and I had worked there for 9 years while doing PhD at the same university. The university then invited me to teach Advanced Microprocessor and to help them with the researches for 4 years.

Electronics has been my passion—my full-time job and my hobby, since I was young. In DIY and Hobbyist community, I have been behind important products that have changed the Maker Community such as Arduino and have helped develop Hacker Space, Maker Space and other organizations supporting the World’s maker movement. Before I went to the US, my aspiration and determination was to develop Thailand by the knowledge I gained and I would make Thailand the design and manufacturing hub of smart electronic products to compare with Japan, China and Korea. We would have our own house brand to export to the world. This is the reason why I expanded Gravitech to my home country

How Gravitech USA started

Over 13 years ago, Dr.Pan, a Thai engineer furthering his studies in the US, had a passion for smart electronic devices and tools that facilitate and improve human’s living so that he designed an electronic system to help research in electrical engineering. Back then, ordering PCB had to be in bulk, so he assembled all that he ordered and sold what he did not use on EBAY. To his surprise, they were all sold out and that made him realize that products designed to serve his own need also responded to that of others such as Breakout Board, Sensor Module, Microcontroller etc. He, therefore, started to design and produce DIY electronic products to sell to the communities of makers, developers, hardware, startup and hobbyist

With his experience working closely with several parties, communities and organizations including World’s leading companies and professionals (in contact with clients and suppliers when he worked with GE); education (as a university professor); amateur and hobbyist (his hobby and in contact with open source hardware community), he gained knowledge in designing high quality products and has a thorough understanding of DIY electronics market needs. This made more than 1,000 products designed and manufactured by Gravitech become best-selling and successful all over the world and led to the establishment of the factory. He rented a 500-sqm factory, bought complete manufacturing machines, set up departments—research and development, international standard production and startup client service to serve clients who wanted new designs and prototypes. Gravitech then became a full-service company among electronic developer community and earned exponential profit every year.

Why Gravitech Thai

With strong aspiration and determination of the founder in developing the communities of makers and hardware startups in Thailand together with the confidence in competitive potential of Thai engineers…

Gravitech Thai was founded to support Thai-made innovations and export them to the world. Products distributed were both in-house designed and manufactured as well as imported. The company had gathered skillful personnel that were determined in researching on electronic products to localize the designs. Every single product was made by heart in every detail, manufactured by international standard factory and prompt for learning. In addition, they were designed to support one another smoothly based on commercial engineering making the prices reasonable and affordable. For imported products, they were well-selected to make sure Thai developers were able to use advanced tools with internationally comparable quality to create their own pieces of work.

2013 :
2014 :

Makerspace was opened at 007-008 IT Mall, Fortune Town Rama 9 and named Home of Maker which was full-service operated in 4 categories.

1. DIY Electronic Shop, another PCB selling channel apart from the website where customers can see the actual products before they decide to buy with advice from the engineers

2. Makerspace, an open space with equipment to create prototypes

3. Learning Center, a space for technological learning and knowledge exchange meetup

4. Funding, a crowdfunding service to raise fund to support DIY innovations. Home of Maker received a well response in Thailand making Thai people know more about DIY innovations while originated successful works by Thai startups.

2016 :

The company opened Research and Development Electronic Innovation Creative Hub (RICH) located at Thailand Science Park, Innovation Cluster 1 Building, Room 106 as a hub of developers with over 50-million-baht investment in advanced machines for researches on new innovations and prototype creation using digital fabrication and PCB assembly technology in order to serve researchers. The operation also supported medium scale production. The center was backed up by BOI and received ISO 9001:2015 so that customers were assured to get the best quality products and services from us. 

2017 :

The company opened another wholesale outlet on 1st floor at Banmo Plaza, the biggest market of electronic components in Thailand.

2018 :

The 2nd makerspace was opened at Thailand Science Park, Innovation Cluster Building 1, room 112 providing complete services in;

1. R&D Services (PCB Design: Schematic, Layout, Firmware Design, Enclosure Box Design, Mechanical Design)

2. PCB Services (PCB Fabrication: Standard FR4, Flex, Metal, High Speed, RF, PCB Assembly: SMD, PTH, BGA, Wire Harness, Component Sourcing: Electronic Parts, Development Tools, Education Products, STEM)

3. DIY Electronic Shop

4. Prototype Services (Circuit Board Prototype, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting: Acrylic, Wood, Leather, Engrave: Metal, UV Printing: Packaging, Vinyl, Poster)

2018 :

The 2nd branch of Home of Maker was opened at 036, 4th floor, IT Mall, Fortune Town selling smart electronic components such as Smart Home, IoT Gadget, Humanoid, Electric Bicycle, Smart Phone Accessories and etc.

2019 :

BamMo Express was founded as a one-day rapid service through in buying and delivering products from Banmo helping developers to reduce time in creating new products to the market.

2019 :

The company expanded applying 200-million-baht investment to build Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in Navanakorn Industrial Promotion Zone supported by BOI to serve the growth of Thai hardware startups that has been Gravitech’s clients from the beginning according to the policy believing that our service capability has to grow together with the growth of our clients. We are strongly confident that this manufacture will be very useful for Thai makers and hardware startups in order to sharply produce their own products to the market.

“We want to make sure developer and makers have advanced tools under complete ecology to create master pieces for our country.”

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